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Home activities with children during the holidays

Dernière mise à jour : 7 août 2020

You can practice English with your children during the summer holidays in a fun way. Here are a few ideas.

Pep prepared this for Parentville's Staycation Guide, which contains many more suggestions of things to do in and around Geneva during the summer with your little ones.

1) Introducing new vocabulary:

What’s Missing?

Start with 5-7 stuffed animals, toys or objects (depending on age and level). Repeat the names of the animals or objects together (for example: robot, doll, leopard, fairy, frog). Line up the objects and ask the child to spin around three times before sitting down and closing their eyes. Hide one of the objects behind your back and invite the child to guess what’s missing. Keep playing until vocabulary has been learned.

2) Introductions:

Nice to meet you.

Objects can then come to life and introduce themselves to each other. Place them in a line (or circle) and have them introduce themselves one after the other: “Hello, my name is Leopard Larry...What’s your name?”. The next in line responds with their name and the first one says “Nice to meet you”. Go all the way down the line (or circle) and be sure to include you and your child in the introductions.

3) For older kids:

Sensory Spelling.

Have spelling words (and images) on a sheet/board in front of the child. Use your finger (or a stick) to trace letters on the child’s back, while they imagine each letter to guess the different words. Extra points for matching the images to the words. For little ones, you can use CVC (consonant/vowel/consonant) words like BAT, CAT, HAT, etc., and sound out each letter as you trace.

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