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Pep News 2019

Dernière mise à jour : 7 août 2020

We can always do more to go the extra mile! This year has been very productive, opening PepEnglish up to many new horizons! As well as our ongoing 8-year partnership, offering university courses for specific purposes, we have created new partnerships this year.

Pep in Lausanne!

In May we collaborated with SAWI, a pioneering Swiss marketing & communications school to offer public speaking classes in English. In the future, we will be offering more short Public Speaking PepPacks, as well as exam preparation and conversation classes.

Summer camps: partnership with Genève-Loisirs

Last summer we offered interactive English in the mornings for children and teenagers attending Genève Loisirs’ outdoor, creative summer camps near Onex. We did two programmes:  Start to be Smart for young children & Activate you English for teenagers. Thanks to their success we will be continuing the partnership and offering even more options for summer 2020 such as:

Showtime: movement and acting, learning & using your English with an action-based approach, creating our own scenarios for plays such as The 4th Little Pig. Creative English: activating your senses & learning English with movement and art.

Opening our new premises in Veyrier

Since July, we have our own place at 2 chemin Castlever, just before the border. In addition to the two classrooms there, we still rent a room at the Grand Donzel Vessy.

Pep was invited to Ethiopia

We collaborated with The Green Flower Foundation, a Swiss / Ethiopian NGO.

In November, Ruth ran teacher training sessions in Bishoftu on learner styles and how to teach different brain types. We are now working on creating a specific curriculum for their education system.

We are opening more of our popular Pep Packs

These are short 5 - 10-week sessions, tailored for specific professional purposes:

  • Meeting & Greeting – Secretarial, hotel industry, medical, sales, working with clients.

  • The building Industry- Engineers, architects, real estate.

  • Public Services – Police, ambulance, hospital.

  • Public Speaking - all professions

  • Job applications & interviews - all professions

Our Let’sTalk, conversation classes

will be continuing and more opening in Geneva, Veyrier & Lausanne. These classes are focused on current affairs, a short newspaper article or video to watch or read before the class and then developed together using new terminology.

We are also opening a new Class: Pep & Paint

in Veyrier & Geneva with Christina, who is an English teacher, artist & art therapist on Wednesday & Thursday evenings. Each class will have a specific theme and the discussions, debates & painting will be linked, interactive & fun. Light refreshments will be provided.

We have many more upcoming projects so our team has also grown. Adrian, our trusted accountant who has been with us for 5 years & Alice our energetic, creative and proactive administrative assistant will be joined by Silvia in January. Thank you for your support, our development is thanks to you, have a lovely Christmas and a Happy new year!

To improve is to change. To be perfect, is to change often Winston Churchill

Ruth, Alice, Adrian Rick, Melanie, Kathleen, Katie, Liz B, Liz W, Richard, Christina & Sandra.

Horaires d'ouverture du secrétariat lundi et vendredi de 9h à 15h30 / mercredi de 8h30 à 12h30 PEP Stand: 40 Rue du Stand, CH-1204 Genève /Tél : +41 22 321 77 31   Email :  / site web : For expressions or proverbs of the day, follow us on Instagram (#pepenglish) or Facebook:

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