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10 useful tips for IELTS - writing task 1

Ruth Avison outlines some important points to remember when sitting the IELTS exam. For more tips and strategies for IELTS success, check our You Tube channel.

  1. Describe the graph, chart or process clearly without an analysis.

  2. Use clear paragraphs.

  3. Link your sentences using suitable linkers to provide a flow and cohesion to your writing.

  4. Make sure you have a clear overview. This is the main overall description of the graph in brief.

  5. Respect the word count. 150 words minimum. Never go under 150 words. Aim for about 160 / 165 to be on the safe side.

  6. Stay on topic, do not go off on a tangent, only mention what is in the graph.

  7. Always edit your work to avoid losing points over mistakes you could correct yourself.

  8. Use formal register & specific vocabulary or expressions.

  9. Watch my video on talking statistics which is on specific vocabulary to use in part one.

  10. Spend 20 minutes on task one and 40 on task 2.

Did you know, we say, Break a leg before an exam , to avoid saying good luck? So break a leg, if you are about to take IELTS !

Check out our YouTube channel PepEnglish and social media for other English learning tips, expressions, idioms, grammar, pronunciation in context.

Ruth Avison is a trained IELTS examiner, teacher trainer and director of Pep English .

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